Phil Siebert is an artist from Kassel. Born there, far away from the sea and constant winds, he already sketched everything in his youth to satisfy the longing for his passion, windsurfing and the rugged forces of nature. In this context, the works of the mechanical engineer deal with movement, reflections, release of energy and passion.
“In my works I process emotional and visual perception from different perspectives. The forces of nature, the game with water and wind, as well as the feeling of personal passion serve as a template. These can range from dynamic details to bird’s-eye views, which I freeze for a brief moment. I create a fluid depth with the mostly watery colors that flow and are formed on the canvas in a controlled manner. The clarity and the delicate game with the intensity of the colors give structure to the depth and control the mood.
I am fascinated by sinking into the three-dimensional watery structure and being carried away by the dynamics, like in a torrent of water that withdraws me from my surroundings for a moment.
Due to my academic background, I am also interested in putting technological aspects into the context of my work. To this end, I am constantly experimenting with different materials, including those from surfing, in order to detach its appearance from its original functional and technical use and to give it new space.”

Personal Informations
Philipp Siebert, b. 25.07.1984
Born in Kassel, DE
lives and works in Bad Hersfeld, DE

2009 Dipl. Ing. Mechanical Engineering
2008 Industrial Mechanical IHK

„Kühlwasser“ COG | Münster, DE (solo)
„Wellness Ost“ – Hallenbad Ost | Kassel, DE
„Grand Opening“ – Meet Pablo Galerie | Düsseldorf, DE

„Perspektiven des Wassers“ – Studio Angersbach | Kassel, DE (solo)
„C-Pop“ – Atelier Ctol | Kassel, DE
„Reflections of Water“ – Lieblings | Fulda, DE (solo)

„Stories of the Sea“ – Voice | Kassel, DE (solo)

Meet Pablo